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Photo of Tree​​The Mississippi Gulf Coast is a culturally, historically, and environmentally distinctive region where many chapters in the national story have been written. The bounties of the Mississippi Gulf Coast's natural resources have brought people to this area from all over the world. The modern culture of the Coast consists of a multi-ethnic gumbo of people and traditions of Native American, European, African, and Asian descent.

The landscape of today's Coast contains numerous historically important buildings, places, and archaeological sites, many of which are of national significance. This landscape also includes a number of undeveloped waterways, islands, and forests that hint at the bounty and beauty that have attracted people to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for thousands of years. Communities across the six-county region of coastal Mississippi are working in partnership with local governments, property owners, state and federal agencies, businesses, and non-profit entities to develop the Mississippi Gulf Coast National Heritage Area with the goal of conserving the area's unique heritage resources in order to create a more livable and an economically viable six-county Gulf Coast Region.​​​​​

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  • Mississippi Gulf Coast National Heritage Area
    Mississippi Department of Marine Resources
    1141 Bayview Avenue
    Biloxi, MS 39530